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Please check below for some frequently asked questions!

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Subscriber Login

Subscribers can log in to the account portal HERE to view or change mailing address or email address, renew a subscription, start or renew a gift or check on remaining issues. Your account number can be found on your magazine cover or envelope.


Digital Editions

​The digital edition of Blue & Gold Illustrated is INCLUDED with your paid subscription to the magazine. It has the same great content as the print version and is available the day that each issue goes to print. Log in to your account HERE and enter your account number.

Late Or Missing Issues?

Recent changes in postal operations have slowed the delivery of magazines in some areas. Click here for more info.

The 2024 publishing schedule is shown below. Please allow a full 2 weeks to receive each issue.

Tech Support


Your account number is located on your magazine mailing label above your name.  You can retrieve your account number by entering your email address here. If your email is not on your account, please call us (Monday-Friday) at 800-421-7751.

What should I do if I have a problem with this site?

For common problems and questions, please CLICK HERE for our Help Topics. If you need more assistance, call us toll-free at 800-421-7751 or email us.

Automatic Renewal

If you select the Auto Renew option, your subscription will continue without interruption until you cancel. Before the start of each new annual term, you’ll receive a subscription reminder notifying you of the price in effect at that time. Then your credit card will be charged at that rate. You authorize your account to be charged at the rate on the reminder. You may cancel at any time and receive a refund on all unsent issues.

Delivery Questions/Address Changes


We will notify you when your subscription is about to expire. We send both email and print notices in advance to ensure you won’t miss an issue. Your renewal order will be added to the end of your current subscription. You can sign into your account using your account number and postal/zip code to check the status of your subscription.


To update your mailing address please sign into your account using your account number and postal/zip code.

Don’t remember your account number? You can retrieve your account number by entering your email address here.

Once you are signed in, click on “Change” beside your address and update your account information, then click “save”. If you are unable to sign in you may also email or call us at 1-800-421-7751 and we will update your address for future mailing.

We print our magazine mailing labels in advance; therefore, it may take a few weeks for the change to be effective. Please keep that in mind if you are missing an issue after a move. 


To order a print back issue, CLICK HERE. Our inventory is limited to one year of previous issues.

For issues older than one year, please call our circulation department at 1-800-421-7751 to check if we have the issue in stock.  We ship back issues via U.S. post and shipping prices may vary depending on the issue weight when multiple copies are ordered.


If you are receiving duplicate issues, please look at the account numbers on your magazine mailing labels. If the numbers are identical, then this is likely a one-time printing error. If the account numbers are different, please report the error by calling 800-421-7751.

If your issue is delayed more than a month please report the missed issue by calling 800-421-7751. Your subscription will be extended to make up for the missed issue.  If you would prefer to receive a replacement issue rather than extend the subscription, we can check if we have any in stock and mail the issue to you.


I’m a “snowbird” who travels to different addresses based on the season. How do I let you know where I am?

When you log in to your account (see “How Do I Change My Mailing Address” above) you can change your address to wherever you wish to receive the next issue. Please make your changes at least a week prior to the mailing date on our publication schedule.


What happens if I want to change my delivery options?  How quickly does that take effect?

Please call us at 800-421-7751 (Mon-Fri, 10-4 ET) if you wish to change your subscription type. Your remaining issues will be converted to the desired delivery status (which will change your expiration date). Conversion takes place immediately and affects the next issue that is published.


Periodical subscriptions are mailed with your address imprinted directly on the cover. To help prevent damage by automated postal machines, your BGI will have a glossy protective cover over each issue, which can be removed by the subscriber.  The standard delivery time varies greatly by region and postal route, but can take anywhere from 3 to 10 business days. If you are experiencing longer than 2 weeks to receive an issue, you might consider a first-class subscription.

First-class subscriptions are inserted into an envelope before mailing. This not only ensures less damage through the postal system but also faster delivery. The USPS says to allow up to 7 business days. Holidays, weather challenges, and the COVID-19 pandemic can factor into delays, but generally this is the fastest option, other than digital delivery, for time-sensitive content.

PLEASE NOTE:  The USPS does NOT guarantee game-time delivery due to multiple factors which affect first-class postal delivery.


Our magazines are published weekly during football season on the Sunday after each game (no issues on bye weeks). In the off-season, we publish monthly from January to August (no issue is mailed in June). Subscriptions will start with the most recent issue unless a future start date is requested.

2024 Publication Schedule
Vol-Issue # and Cover dateMailing DateEmphasis
43-14 Feb. 2024Mon, Jan. 8Bowl Review
43-15 March 2024Fri, Feb. 16Football Recruiting
43-16 April 2024Fri, March 15Spring Football
43-17 May 2024Fri, April 5Spring Football
43-18 June/July 2024Fri, May 3Off season
43-19 August 2024Mon, July 15Year In Review
43-20 Preseason 2024Fri, Aug. 9Texas A&M Preview
44-1 Sept. 7, 2024Sun, Sept 1Northern Illinois Preview
44-2 Sept. 14, 2024Sun, Sept. 8Purdue Preview
44-3 Sept. 21, 2024Sun, Sept. 15Miami (Ohio) Preview
44-4 Sept. 28, 2024Sun, Sept. 22Louisville Preview
44-5 Oct. 12, 2024Sun, Sept. 29Stanford Preview
44-6 Oct. 19, 2024Sun, Oct. 13Georgia Tech Preview
44-7 Oct. 26, 2024Sun, Oct. 20Navy Preview
44-8 Nov 9, 2024Sun, Oct. 27Florida State Preview
44-9 Nov. 16, 2024Sun, Nov. 10Virginia Preview
44-10 Nov. 24, 2024Sun, Nov. 17Wake Forest Preview
44-11 Nov. 30, 2024Sun, Nov. 24USC Preview
44-12 Dec. 2024Mon, Dec. 2Season Review
44-13 Jan. 2025Mon, Dec. 23Bowl Game Preview
(All dates are tentative)